Self-Mastery Mentoring

for masterful leaders, professionals, healers and visionaries.

Elevating consciousness to embody your highest anthropos potential

and bring your self-led leadership into the world.

Hi! I’m Alison.

I envision a world filled with masterful leaders, healers and visionaries who are devoted to being their best self. They know how to direct their consciousness, increase their energy / vibrational frequency on demand, and embody an optimized state-of-being regardless of any external circumstance. They live in continuous flow with their superconscious intuition and follow their passion and excitement as they live their highest potential in their lives and service to help make the world a better place.  

I am a self-mastery mentor. I am passionate about leading people in the spiritual evolution of their consciousness to live their greatest potential as fully human, fully divine beings. I work with highly motivated individuals, often business leaders, and other professionals, who are striving to significantly expand their personal consciousness and the positive impact they have on others, the organizations they serve and the world in which we live.

In my private and group mentoring programs, I integrate my years of study and experience as a psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, business woman and Intuitive Intelligence® Trainer into my mentoring sessions and training programs.

Self-Mastery Mentorship is for you if you desire to:

  • Deepen in your spiritual connection and divine wisdom to truly know and trust your self
  • Awaken and remember the truth of who you are and gain clarity in your purpose
  • Learn to access, listen and trust your intuition, the highest form of intelligence 
  • Clear subconscious fear programming, self doubts and limiting beliefs
  • Master the ability to calm the inner critic and ease the busy mind; ego as servant not master
  • Be at peace with what is in every present moment
  • Embody an optimized state-of-being, capable of regulating your nervous system, regardless of the triggers
  • Overcome upper-limit blocks to feel empowered to take your next step or big leap
  • Access new levels of freedom, energy, joy and connection and increase your power to serve

Are you ready? Let’s connect! It will be my honor and pleasure to serve you.

Much love,  Alison

Awaken ~ Embody ~ Emanate

The truth of who you truly are, fully human, fully divine