I teach people to become clear channels of their intuitive intelligence,

the highest form of consciousness ~

to embody their true-nature,

and live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

Hi! I’m Alison.

Whether you are new to my work or a former client or colleague from the therapy world, I am pleased to connect with you here regarding updates in the evolution of my practice. 

In the fall of 2020, I closed my Circles of Light psychotherapy practice of 15 years to take a spiritual sabbatical. I followed a deep knowing that I needed to make space for something else, something profound was calling to me, even though at the time I couldn’t identify what it was. I had to surrender and create the space to allow the new energy to emerge. It wasn’t easy parting with clients and work that I so enjoyed but I knew I had to follow my intuition.

A life-long student of psychology, spirituality and metaphysics, I further immersed myself in my own sacred work and consciousness studies. Along the way I discovered the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence based in Melbourne, Australia, and its message and mission so spoke to me! Subsequently, I enrolled in their state-of-the art training programs in the science of intuition and consciousness.

In June 2022, I will be completing a year-long program as a certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer and practitioner.  I have also begun an 18-month post-graduate training as a Spiritual Director and am facilitating as a Peer Mentor within the Institute.  I am beyond excited to be bringing this profound, deeply transformative work into my practice.

I am passionate about leading people in the evolution of their consciousness. In my work with clients, I integrate my years of study and experience as a psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and now Intuitive Intelligence Trainer into my mentoring sessions. These sessions are for you if you desire to:

  • Develop and deepen your intuitive intelligence, the highest form of intelligence.
  • Optimize your highest potential in how you show up and serve in the world.
  • Embody a self-led state of being, capable of regulating your nervous system. This allows you to calm a busy mind, generate inner calm, and maintain clear, high-level awareness when discerning how to respond (or not) in every situation. 
  • Clear your subconscious of fears, self doubts and limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.
  • Deepen into your spiritual nature – beyond the trinkets and superstitions of this age.
  • Understand and clarify your soul purpose, you highest purpose of being in this life.
  • Create a life of abundance by following your passion and desire, your innate wisdom.
  • Level up, surpass your upper-limit problems, reach that next level of success in your business, make the leap, act on your desire, be the leader you know you are.
  • Address the burning desire you have, the knowing that there is something more to life.
  • Bring your self-led leadership service and unique gifts you know you have to the world.

If this speaks to you, it would be my honor and pleasure to serve you.

Stay tuned for more information about groups and programs coming this Fall 2022.  

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With so much love,  Alison

Remember ~ Embody ~ Emanate

Being who you truly are