I love to join with people about awakening consciousness, exploring their spirituality and the metaphysical side of life.

In my sessions, I seek to offer a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental environment for you to explore your goals, concerns and desires. I welcome people of all races, faiths, orientations, and lifestyles. This is a privileged and confidential relationship focusing on the emotional wellness of the whole person including a mind, body, spiritual perspective. The journey of our work together is designed to support you in finding your own inner wisdom, to overcome and release any fears or limiting beliefs, to guide you to self-regulate so you can live your intuitive intelligence and embody your deepest desires.

Counseling sessions are designed to help you overcome any fears or limiting beliefs to be fully embodied, self-regulated and live from your deepest flow state of intuition to live and serve from your heart’s deepest desires.

In my evolution I have come to learn that all healing is essentially one thing. Healing comes from the inside out. We must heal the false belief that we as individuals are separate from source, spirit, unity consciousness, our God nature. When we remember who we are, we heal this divide, awaken to the light within and return to our true nature, which was there all along. It comes when we find our true essence within, the core Self. When we clear the obstacles to this truth and knowing, when we move out of ego and into soul, when we unburden our many parts we’ve accumulated along the way, we find our peace and perspective, our true Self. Once we are centered in Self, we can embody a deep knowing that all is well even when things seem on the outside unbelievably unwell. It is available to us no  matter how deep the despair or loss.

From this state of being, we are able to live from our deepest desires, to follow our truth and find the place where you realize, that not only is there nothing wrong with you, but that you are already the divine light that you seek. I am here to guide you in this exploration of your consciousness.

I believe we are all aspects of infinite consciousness, the Oneness, here to express, serve and experience this earth realm in our own unique way. Our desire, energy, vibration, intention and attention create the matter and outcome we see in our lives. We are that powerful and it is a tremendous responsibility and joy coming into this realization. This is how we embody the light, be our best selves, bring our sacred leadership into the world, and help raise the collective consciousness here on Earth. It is my honor to serve and join you on your journey.

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”